With sod you have an instant lawn vs. seeding that takes 2 years to fully establish. Sod is less expensive in the long run because all you have to do is prep the area, lay down the sod, water it and you are done. Seeding requires 2 years of labor, fertilizer, weed control, watering. Of the best advantages, sod lawns do not require any special care, unlike seeded lawns that must be nurtured to maturity. Proper soil preparation and the initial watering is critical.

Quality sod products creates a beautiful landscape instantly. In just a few hours, turf can transform a barren area of dirt into a lush, attractive setting.

For homeowners, turf is the final important detail that turns a house under construction into an inviting home. For residential developers, a beautiful vibrant green lawn offers instant curb appeal. For business owners and commercial developers, sod says you're open and ready for business. And, there's no time out for your athletic programs when you choose mature sod products.

Beyond appearance, there are many practical advantages to turf. Within a few weeks, sod takes root and is ready for full use. You won't have to worry about roping, seeded areas to avoid damage or tracking dirt. And, unlike seeding, sod can be installed any time of the year. also require less water than seeded lawns, thus reducing water consumption, as well as the cost to you, once the sod is rooted and established.

Sod immediately protects against soil erosion. It is a cost-effective way to control water runoff and erosion because it can absorb far more water than a seeded lawn. It is the product of choice in hilly, sloping areas.